The results of C and N isotopes for human at the Jiangxifen site, Wuding County, Yunnan Province

1) Data content: this data is the carbon and nitrogen isotope data generated from the study of human bone collagen in Jiangxi tomb site, Jiyi Town, Wuding County, Yunnan Province. It can be used to preliminarily analyze the human diet structure of Jiangxi tomb site, Wuding county and reveal the life and career patterns of local ancient people. 2) Data source and processing method: provided by the environmental archaeology team of Lanzhou University and obtained by acid alkali acid experimental process and gas stable isotope mass spectrometer (Finnigan Deltaplus isotope ratio mass spectrometer). 3) Data quality: 9.38kb. 4) Data application achievements and prospects: the data are used to explore the research potential of stable isotopes of human bones at sites in revealing the development process of prehistoric career model in Yunnan.

0 2021-11-30