Distribution data of underground ice in permafrost regions of Qilian Mountains (2013-2015)

This data set is the distribution data of permafrost and underground ice in Qilian Mountains. Based on the existing borehole data, combined with the Quaternary sedimentary type distribution data and land use data in Qilian mountain area, this paper estimates the distribution of underground ice from permafrost upper limit to 10 m depth underground. In this data set, 374 boreholes in Qilian mountain area are used, and the indication function of Quaternary sedimentary type to underground ice storage is considered, so it has certain reliability. This data has a certain scientific value for the study of permafrost and water resources in Qilian Mountains. In addition, it has a certain promotion value for the estimation of underground ice reserves in the whole Qinghai Tibet Plateau.

0 2022-04-18