Simulation forced by orbital variation during the Holocene (2019-2020)

The Holocene single orbit parameter change simulation results (2019-2020) data set uses the earth system model cesm model (horizontal resolution: about 2 ° for the atmosphere and land surface module and about 1 ° for the ocean and sea ice module) to carry out the Holocene transient simulation test considering the change of earth orbit parameters. The spatial resolution is 2 °; Spatial range: North: 50 ° n, South: 20 ° n, West: 60 ° e, East: 130 ° E; Regional scope: Eurasia; The time range is Holocene. The simulation results can be used to analyze the changes of westerly monsoon in Eurasia under the influence of individual orbital parameters in Holocene.

0 2021-07-30