Precipitation stable isotope data set of multiple observation sites in Bangladesh(2017-2018)

The data set is the daily precipitation stable isotope data (δ 18O, δ D, d-excess) from Satkhira, Barisal and sylhet3 stations in Bangladesh from 2017 to 2018. The data set was collected by Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) and measured by picarro l2130i wavelength scanning cavity ring down spectrometer in the Key Laboratory of environment and surface processes, Institute of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Sampling location and time of three observation points: Satkhira :2017.03.11-2018.07.16 Barisal:2017.03.05-2018.07.02 Sylhet : 2017.02.20-2018.09.04

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Surface meteorological driving dataset of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau (2017-2018)

1) The data set driven by the surface meteorological elements of the surface meteorological observation data product (2017-2018) of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau includes four elements: near surface temperature, surface precipitation rate, short wave radiation and long wave radiation. 2) The data set is based on the existing Princeton reanalysis data, GLDAS data, gewex-srb radiation data and TRMM Precipitation Data in the world as the background field, and integrates the conventional meteorological observation data of China Meteorological Administration, and is formed by spatial interpolation. 3) The data is TIFF format, the temporal resolution is daily value, and the spatial resolution is 0.1 °. 4) It is convenient for researchers and students who do not use such assimilation data in NC format. Based on the long-term observation data of each field station in the alpine network and overseas stations in the pan third polar region, a series of data sets of meteorological, hydrological and ecological elements in the pan third polar region are established; the inversion of data products such as meteorological elements, lake water quantity and quality, aboveground vegetation biomass, glacial and frozen soil changes are completed through enhanced observation and sample site verification in key regions; based on the IOT Network technology, the development and establishment of multi station network meteorological, hydrological, ecological data management platform, to achieve real-time access to network data and remote control and sharing.

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