Land Surface Temperature Dataset of Typical Stations in Middle Reaches of Heihe River Basin Based on UAV Remote Sensing(2019-07-09,V1)

Land surface temperature is a critical parameter in land surface energy balance. This dataset provides the monthly land surface temperature of UAV remote sensing for typical ground stations in the middle reaches of Heihe River basin from July to September in 2019. The land surface temperature retrieval algorithm is an improved single-channel algorithm, which was applied to the land surface brightness temperature data obtained by the UAV thermal infrared remote sensing sensor, and finally the land surface temperature data with a spatial resolution of 0.4m was obtained.

0 2020-07-31

AMSR-E/aqua daily gridded brightness temperatures of China

This dataset includes passive microwave remote sensing brightness temperatures data for longitude and latitude projections and 0.25 degree resolution from 2002 to 2008 in China. 1. Data processing process: NSIDC produces AMSR-E gridded brightness temperature data by interpolating AMSR-E data (6.9 GHz, 10.7 GHz, 18.7 GHz, 23.8 GHz, 36.5 GHz, and 89.0 GHz) to the output grids from swath space using an Inverse Distance Squared (ID2) method. 2. Data format: Brightness temperature files: two-byte unsigned integers, little-endian byte order Time files: two-byte signed integers, little-endian byte order 3. Data naming: ID2rx-AMSRE-aayyyydddp.vnn.ccc (China-ID2r1-AMSRE-D.252002170A.v03.06V) ID2 Inverse Distance Squared r1 Resolution 1 swath input data AMSRE Identifies this an AMSR-E file D.25 Identifies this as a quarter degree file yyyy Four-digit year ddd Three-digit day of year p Pass direction (A = ascending, D = descending) vnn Gridded data version number (for example, v01, v02, v03) ccc AMSR-E channel indicator: numeric frequency (06, 10, 18, 23, 36, or 89) followed by polarization (H or V) 4. Cutting range: Corner Coordinates: Upper Left (60.0000000, 55.0000000) (60d 0'0.00 "E, 55d 0'0.00" N) Lower Left (60.0000000, 15.0000000) (60d 0'0.00 "E, 15d 0'0.00" N) Upper Right (140.0000000, 55.0000000) (140d 0'0.00 "E, 55d 0'0.00" N) Lower Right (140.0000000, 15.0000000) (140d 0'0.00 "E, 15d 0'0.00" N) Center (100.0000000, 35.0000000) (100d 0'0.00 "E, 35d 0'0.00" N) Origin = (60.000000000000000, 55.000000000000000) 5. Data projection: GEOGCS ["WGS 84", DATUM ["WGS_1984", SPHEROID ["WGS 84", 6378137,298.257223563, AUTHORITY ["EPSG", "7030"]], TOWGS84 [0,0,0,0,0,0,0], AUTHORITY ["EPSG", "6326"]], PRIMEM ["Greenwich", 0, AUTHORITY ["EPSG", "8901"]], UNIT ["degree", 0.0174532925199433, AUTHORITY ["EPSG", "9108"]], AUTHORITY ["EPSG", "4326"]]

0 2020-04-01

Daily 0.01 °× 0.01 ° surface temperature data (v1.0) based on myd21a1 temperature data in Qilian Mountain Area (2018)

This dataset contains monthly and daily 0.01°×0.01° (2018) LST products in Qilian Mountain Area. The dataset was produced based on MYD21A1 LST products at a resolution of 0.01° along with some auxiliary datasets. The auxiliary datasets include Lat/Lon and the Julian Day information. MYD21A1 is the official LST product of MODIS, and the data is divided into day and night, using TES algorithm. Download URL:

0 2019-10-27