Data set of δ18O stable Isotopes in Precipitation from Tibetan Network for Isotopes(1991–2008)

The stable oxygen isotope ratio (δ 18O) in precipitation is a comprehensive tracer of global atmospheric processes. Since the 1990s, efforts have been made to study the isotopic composition of precipitation at more than 20 stations located on the TP of the Tibetan Plateau, which are located at the air mass intersection between westerlies and monsoons. In this paper, we establish a database of monthly precipitation δ 18O over the Tibetan Plateau and use different models to evaluate the climate control of precipitation δ 18O over TP. The spatiotemporal pattern of precipitation δ 18O and its relationship with temperature and precipitation reveal three different domains, which are respectively related to westerly wind (North TP), Indian monsoon (South TP) and their transition.

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Data set of oxygen stable isotopes for NoijinKangsang ice core(1864-2006)

The data set contains the stable oxygen isotope data of ice core from 1864 to 2006. The ice core was obtained from Noijinkansang glacier in the south of Southern Tibetan Plateau, with a length of 55.1 meters. Oxygen isotopes were measured using a MAT-253 mass spectrometer (with an analytical precision of 0.05 ‰) at the Key Laboratory of CAS for Tibetan Environment and Land Surface Processes, China. Data collection location: Noijinkansang glacier (90.2 ° e, 29.04 ° n, altitude: 5950 m)

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Genome Assembly of Alpine Species Salix Brachista on the Tibetan Plateau (2019)

This dataset is collected from the paper: Chen, J.*#, Huang, Y.*#, Brachi, B.*#, Yun, Q.*#, Zhang, W., Lu, W., Li, H., Li, W., Sun, X., Wang, G., He, J., Zhou, Z., Chen, K., Ji, Y., Shi, M., Sun, W., Yang, Y.*, Zhang, R.#, Abbott, R. J.*, & Sun, H.* (2019). Genome-wide analysis of Cushion willow provides insights into alpine plant divergence in a biodiversity hotspot. Nature Communications, 10(1), 5230. doi:10.1038/s41467-019-13128-y. This data contains the genome assembly of alpine species Salix brachista on the Tibetan Plateau, it contains DNA, RNA, Protein files in Fasta format and the annotation file in gff format. Assembly Level: Draft genome in chromosome level Genome Representation: Full Genome Reference Genome: yes Assembly method: SMARTdenovo 1.0; CANU 1.3 Sequencing & coverage: PacBio 125.0; Illumina Hiseq X Ten 43.0; Oxford Nanopore Technologies 74.0 Statistics of Genome Assembly: Genome size (bp): 339,587,529 GC content: 34.15% Chromosomes sequence No.: 19 Organellas sequence No.: 2 Genome sequence No.: 30 Maximum genome sequence length (bp): 39,688,537 Minimum genome sequence length (bp): 57,080 Average genome sequence length (bp): 11,319,584 Genome sequence N50 (bp): 17,922,059 Genome sequence N90 (bp): 13,388,179 Annotation of Whole Genome Assembly: Protein:30,209 tRNA:784 rRNA:118 ncRNA:671 Please see attachments for more details of annotation. The tables in the Supplementary Information of this article can also be found in this dataset. The table list is represented in attachments. The accession no. of genome assembly is GWHAAZH00000000 (

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