Eddy Covariance Data for an Alpine Marshland in Shenzha

(1) This data set is the carbon flux data set of Shenzha alpine wetland from 2016 to 2019, including air temperature, soil temperature, precipitation, ecosystem productivity and other parameters. (2) The data set is based on the field measured data of vorticity, and adopts the internationally recognized standard processing method of vorticity related data. The basic process includes: outlier elimination coordinate rotation WPL correction storage item calculation precipitation synchronization data elimination threshold elimination outlier elimination U * correction missing data interpolation flux decomposition and statistics. This data set also contains the model simulation data calibrated based on the vorticity correlation data set. (3) the data set has been under data quality control, and the data missing rate is 37.3%, and the missing data has been supplemented by interpolation. (4) The data set has scientific value for understanding carbon sink function of alpine wetland, and can also be used for correction and verification of mechanism model.

0 2020-07-22

Dataset of rainfall data at different altitudes for the 10-day period in the Tianlaochi Basin of the Qilian Mountains

Five different altitude zones were selected for this test. Their altitude, latitude and longitude are 3650 meters above sea level, latitude and longitude 99°55'24 E, 38°24'60" N; altitude of 3550 meters, latitude and longitude 99°55'28 E, 38°25'11" N; 3450 meters above sea level, longitude and latitude 99°55'38 E, 38°25'68" N; 3350 meters above sea level, longitude and latitude 99°55'37 E, 38°25'11" N; 3050 meters above sea level, longitude and latitude 99°55'42 E, 38°25'54" N. From May 31 to August 31, 2011, in the case of natural rainfall, the total rainfall was measured once every ten days using a rain gauge on five samples. To compare the difference in rainfall at different altitudes, it is necessary to combine the rainfall data observed by the project at the grassland weather station in 2011.

0 2020-03-06