Grain Size Data Set of Luanhaizi Lake (0-859 cm)

Luanhaizi Borehole (LHZ18) was acquired by Huang Xiaozhong Research Group of Lanzhou University in August 2018. This data is 0-859 cm grain size data of the core of Luanhaizi Lake in Qilian Mountains. Grain size analysis was carried out at 0-4 m according to one sample, and grain size analysis was carried out at on ssample interval at the depth of 4-8.6 m, totaling 390 data were obtained. The experiment was completed in the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Environmental Education of Lanzhou University, and grain size analysis was carried out with Mastersizer 2000 instrument. The data reflected the grain size change of the lake sediment, which is very important for the study of long-time series eolian activities in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

0 2021-11-02

Transient climate simulation for Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles 5-7 (37.5-32kaBP) by COSMOS

The dataset is from the transient experiment TRN40ka in Zhang et al (2021, Nature Geoscience), spanning 40ka-32ka BP with changing orbital parameters. For detailed description of experimental design, please refer to the original paper. Model details: COSMOS (ECHAM5-JSBACH-MPI-OM), a comprehensive fully coupled atmosphere–ocean general circulation model (AOGCM), is used to generate the dataset. The atmospheric model ECHAM5, complemented by the land surface component JSBACH, is used at T31 resolution (∼3.75°), with 19 vertical layers. The ocean model MPI-OM, including sea-ice dynamics that is formulated using viscous-plastic rheology, has a resolution of GR30 (3°×1.8°) in the horizontal, with 40 uneven vertical layers.

0 2021-11-01