Blood routine and blood biochemical data of native Tibetans on the Tibetan Plateau (2021)

The data set contains the blood routine and blood biochemical indexes collected from native Tibetans in Lhasa and Nyingchi in Tibet Autonomous Region for four follow-up visits. The project carried out four follow-up surveys in Lhasa and Nyingchi from May to June and September to October 2021, and a total of 212 subjects were recruited. Blood is an important circulating element of human body, which stores the information of human health. Biological samples of subjects were collected at each visit. The professional nurses of Lhasa Second People's Hospital and Nyingchi Jianmin hospital collected 18 ~ 20ml blood samples, and some samples were sent to the hospital for blood routine and blood biochemical analysis. The data can be used to evaluate the health level of permanent residents in Tibet and further analyze the impact of ozone exposure and hypoxia on the health of permanent residents.

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