Debris flow field investigation data in Sichuan Tibet traffic corridor (2020)

According to Ya'an Qamdo, Qamdo Nyingchi, Nyingchi Lhasa and other sections, carry out field investigation on debris flow within 10km along the new Sichuan Tibet railway line and Sichuan Tibet highway, fill in debris flow questionnaire and take photos. Based on the investigated debris flow data, the basic data are provided for the pregnant disaster background characteristics and distribution law of Sichuan Tibet traffic corridor. At the same time, the hazard modes of debris flow and the hazard modes to highway, railway and other traffic lines are investigated in detail; Furthermore, debris flow risk, vulnerability and risk assessment shall be carried out along the new Sichuan Tibet railway line at different scales such as regional scale, key sections and typical disasters, so as to provide support for the route selection of Sichuan Tibet railway.

0 2021-08-17