Total organic carbon, total nitrogen and total inorganic carbon in surface sediments of Qinghai Lake (2017)

In 2017, 27 surface sediments were collected in Qinghai Lake by gravity sampler, and the top 1cm was taken as the surface layer, which was freeze-dried and ground into powder after being taken back to the laboratory. Before testing the content of organic carbon and nitrogen, 1mol / L hydrochloric acid should be used to stir the reaction for more than 10 hours, so that the carbonate is completely removed, then dried and ground, and the organic carbon and nitrogen are tested on the element analyzer. The total inorganic carbon content is the carbonate content of the whole rock powder sample measured by infrared spectrum, which is then calculated as the total inorganic carbon content. The contents of organic carbon and inorganic carbon constitute the total carbon content of the lake, and they are close to each other, indicating that the inorganic carbon burial flux and organic carbon burial flux of Qinghai Lake are similar.

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