The contributions of climate change and human activities on vegetation carbon sequestration in China during 2001~2018

This dataset contains the monthly/yearly surface shortwave band albedo, fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (fPAR), leaf area index (LAI), vegetation continuous fields (tree cover and non-tree vegetation cover, VCF), land surface temperature (LST), net radiation (RN), evapotranspiration (ET), aboveground autotrophic respiration (RA-ag), belowground autotrophic respiration (RA-bg), gross primary production (GPP) and net primary production (NPP) in China from 2001 to 2018. The spatial resolution are 0.1 degree. Moreover, the dataset also includes these 11 ecosystem variables under climate-driven scenario (i.e., under no human disturbance). So, it can show the relative influences of climate change and human activities on land ecosystem in China during the 21st century.

0 2021-08-31

High-Temporal and Landsat-Like surface evapotranspiration in Heihe River Basin (2010-2016) (HiTLL ET V1.0)

This data set mainly includes daily surface evapotranspiration products in Heihe River Basin (HRB) from 2010 to 2016, with a resolution of 100 meters. Based on multi-source remote sensing data (MODIS Landsat TM/ETM+ data) and regional meteorological data (China meteorological forcing dataset, CMFD), sensitivity parameters of the theoretically robust surface energy balance system (SEBS) model were determined through global sensitivity analysis, and then the parameterization scheme of the model was optimized to improve the estimation accuracy. At the same time, combined with spatial and temporal data fusion algorithm of remote sensing image. Finally, the High-Temporal and Landsat-Like surface evapotranspiration (ET) (HiTLL ET) was obtained over the Heihe Basin. It was validation by the EC measurements from the flux observation stations and ETMap, and the estimation results are consistent with the observation and the spatial and temporal distribution pattern of ETMap. This data set can provide data support for the study of water consumption law and scientific effective management of watershed water resources within HRB, especially for woodland and grassland in the upper stream regions, oasis farmland and desert vegetation in the midstream and downstream regions.

0 2021-01-04