Material flow analysis of iron and steel industry in Qinghai province - Xining Special Steel Co.Ltd ( 2019)

1) Establish the material flow analysis table and air pollutant emission table of Xining Special Steel Co., Ltd. (Xining Special Steel) in 2019 ,to provide support for the analysis and distribution of pollutant emission sources of regional iron and steel industry. 2) The data comes from the official website of Xining Special Steel, field survey and statistical data. Based on the official data and field survey results, some results are calculated by the relevant industry parameters 3) Due to the different sources of ore raw materials, the calculation is only for the steel production process in 2019 4) Xining Special Steel is a typical enterprise in the iron and steel industry of Qinghai Province. Its crude steel production is more than 90% of that of Qinghai Province. Therefore, the data represent the material flow characteristics of the iron and steel industry in Qinghai Province

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