The development of devices monitoring ecosystem energy and water flux: Mesoscale soil moisture measurement system (2020)

This dataset includes data recorded by the Heihe integrated observatory network obtained from a mesoscale soil moisture measurement system of soil moisture of Daman Superstation from January 1 to December 31, 2020. The site (100.372° E, 38.856° N) was located on a cropland (maize surface) in the Daman irrigation, which is near Zhangye city, Gansu Province. The elevation is 1556 m. The bottom of the probe was 0.5 m above the ground; the sampling interval was 1 hour. The raw COSMOS data include the following: battery (Batt, V), temperature (T, C), relative humidity (RH, %), air pressure (P, hPa), fast neutron counts (N1C, counts per hour). The distributed data include the following variables: Date, Time, P, N1C, N1C_cor (corrected fast neutron counts) and VWC (volume soil moisture, %), which were processed as follows: 1) Data were removed and replaced by -6999 when (a) the battery voltage was less than 11.8 V, (b) the relative humidity was greater than 80% inside the probe box, (c) the counting data were not of one-hour duration and (d) neutron count differed from the previous value by more than 20%; 2) An air pressure correction was applied to the quality-controlled raw data according to the equation contained in the equipment manual; 3) After the quality control and corrections were applied, soil moisture was calculated using the equation in Zreda et al. (2012), where N0 is the neutron counts above dry soil and the other variables are fitted constants that define the shape of the calibration function. Here, the parameter N0 was calibrated using the in situ observed soil moisture by SoilNET within the footprint; 4) Based on the calibrated N0 and corrected N1C, the hourly soil moisture was computed using the equation from the equipment manual. Moreover, suspicious data were marked in red. For more information, please refer to Liu et al. (2018) (for sites information), Zhu et al. (2015) for data processing) in the Citation section.

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The development of devices monitoring ecosystem energy and water flux: Nonintrusive portable soil moisture meter (2020)

This dataset contains the soil moisture data from August 31, 2020 to December 22, 2020 (except some data interruption events in short durations due to rainfall and field irrigation). This instrument is installed at the Yucheng Comprehensive Experimental Station, CAS (Yucheng, Shandong,116°22' E,36°40'N,23m above sea level) in the field of winter wheat and summer maize during the monitoring period. The instrument was place directly on the smooth ground so that it’s close contact with soil surface. The data sampling interval is once an hour which can be remotely set through the app installed in a mobile phone or manually monitor any time in situ. The instrument can collect the frequency values by three groups of electrodes with different specifications passing through the soil profile. The data processing procedure is as follow: the different frequency values collected by this instrument will be uploaded to the cloud platform through the Internet of Things;the system removes abnormal values from database;averages and normalizes the remaining data, and then calculates and outputs soil volumetric moisture at different soil layers by a built-in calibration function.

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Dataset obtained from 4 levels on 10m meteorological tower in Hulugou sub-basin of alpine Heihe River (2013)

1. Data overview: This data set is the scale meteorological gradient data of qilian station from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013 (installed at the end of September 2011).VG1000 gradient observation system carries out long-term monitoring of wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity, radiation and other conventional meteorological elements, and carries out data storage and processing analysis in combination with the data collector with high precision and high scanning frequency. 2. Data content: The main observation factors include four layers of air temperature, humidity and two-dimensional ultrasonic wind, rain and snow volume meter, eight layers of ground temperature, soil moisture content, etc. 3. Space and time range: Geographical coordinates: longitude: longitude: 99° 52’e;Latitude: 38°15 'N;Height: 3232.3 m

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The spatial-temporal distribution of topographic shadows in the upper reaches of Heihe River Basin

The spatial-temporal distribution map of topographic shadows in the upper reaches of Heihe River (2018), which is calculated based on the SRTM DEM and the solar position ( The spatial resolution is 100 m and the time resolution is 15 min. The datased can be used in the fields of ecological hydrology and remote sensing research. Using the observed solar radiation at several automatic weather stations in the upper reaches of Heihe River, the accuracy of the calculation results is verified. Results show that the dataset can accurately capture the temporal and spatial changes of the topographic shadow at the stations, and the time error is within 20 minutes.

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