Acoustic radar data over the Tibetan Plateau

The wind speed data in the lower boundary layer of Namco, Mt. Qomolangma and sun earth in Tibet Autonomous Region were obtained by using the acoustic radar instrument aq510. Aq510 acoustic radar is based on Doppler effect. There are three loudspeakers in aq510 acoustic radar, which emit sound waves into the air one after another, about once every five seconds. The sound waves emitted into the air will be reflected when encountering small temperature changes in the atmosphere, and the reflected sound waves will be received by the loudspeaker. Due to the Doppler effect, the frequency of reflected sound wave will change during the relative motion of sound wave and wind. The velocity and direction of wind can be calculated simultaneously by using the difference between the frequency of received (reflected) and transmitted sound wave. The data includes wind speed and direction with an interval of 5m between 40-200m, and the time resolution is 10 minutes. It is mainly used for the study of wind resource characteristics.

0 2021-04-28