Through incremental integration and independent research and development, build a method library of big data quality control, automatic modeling and analysis, data mining and interactive visualization, form a tool library with high reliability, high scalability, high efficiency and high fault tolerance, realize the integration and sharing of collaborative analysis methods of multi-source heterogeneous, multi-granularity, multi-phase, long-time series big data in three pole environment, as well as high Efficient and online big data analysis and processing.

  • Soil and Water Assessment Tool-Hydrological Data Assimililation System

    SWAT-HDAS is based on grid-based SWAT hydrological model, integrated Parallel Data Assimilation Framework(PDAF), applied for hydrological data assimilation studies.

    Its data assimilation algorithms include Kalman filters. SWAT-HDAS can assimilate remote sensed or ground based soil moisture, river discharge, snow water equivalent, etc.

    SWAT-HDAS was tested by GNU gfortran compiler. It will include Particle filter and Genetic Algorithm. Weather Research & Forecasting (WRF) climate model will also be integrated to achieve land-atomosphere coupling.

    Installation: no installation required;

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  • ComDA

    ComDA is to achieve a fast, easy-to-use, and multidisciplinary application-oriented assimilation platform. ComDA integrates many algorithms (including diverse Kalman and particle filters) and multiple models and observation operators (e.g., CoLM, SiB2 and AIEM, Q/h), and provides the general interfaces for accepting more operators. Using mixed-language programming and parallel computing technologies (OpenMP, MPI and CUDA), ComDA can assimilate various land surface variables and remote sensing observations. ComDA can be applied in multidisciplinary data assimilation studies.

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  • DasPy

    The objective of DasPy development is for the multisources and multivariate land data assimilation applications, such as soil moisture, soil temperature and joint state and parameter estimation.DasPy includes following components: CLM as the Model Operator;Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter as Assimilation Algorithm; CMEM, COSMIC, TSF as Observation Operators;

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