Metallogenic ages' results of the Nb-Ta-Zr-Hf in China

Metallogenic ages' results of the Nb-Ta-Zr-Hf in China

The global rare metal granitic pegmatites are mainly concentrated in the major period of continental amalgamation and disintegration. This data statistics the typical niobium tantalum zirconium hafnium deposits in China. Using niobium iron ore or related cassiterite and monazite instead of zircon in these deposits as U-Pb dating minerals, 45 metallogenic age data statistics are obtained. The first metallogenic period is Proterozoic. The niobium mineralization associated with Bayan Obo and rare earth occurred in Mesoproterozoic (1.4 ~ 1.3 Ga). The niobium tantalum mineralization found in Yuanbaoshan in northern Guangxi and Fanjingshan in eastern Guizhou was formed in the late Neoproterozoic (about 820 Ma), which is the earliest niobium tantalum mineralization in South China; There are few Paleozoic Nb-Ta deposits, but their scale is large. The Paleozoic rare metal pegmatites (about 400 ~ 380 Ma) in South China represented by Nanping, Fujian Province represent the products of Caledonian intracontinental tectonic movement; The early Mesozoic Triassic mineralization related to the paleoTethys tectonic movement and the post-collision of the Central Asian orogenic belt is widely distributed (about 250 ~ 200 Ma), and directly reflects the diagenesis and mineralization of a large number of granite pegmatites in China; The late Mesozoic niobium tantalum mineralization represents the most important large-scale niobium tantalum mineralization period in China, which is concentrated from the Late Jurassic to the Early Cretaceous (about 160 ~ 120 Ma, up to 90 Ma at the latest). It is the main component of the "Yanshanian ore-forming explosion" in South China; The Cenozoic (mainly Oligocene to Miocene) large-scale leucogranite magmatism occurred high-resolution crystallization, resulting in the mineralization of rare metals such as niobium and tantalum. With the deepening of research, the niobium and tantalum resources in this period will become more and more significant in China. It is very significant that nearly half of China's tantalum resources are formed in Triassic (mainly granite pegmatites), while nearly 60% of niobium resources are the product of crystallization and differentiation of Late Mesozoic (Jurassic Cretaceous) granite except Bayan Obo.

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The data is stored in Excel format. The file name is "China-UPbAge", which represents the statistical data of metallogenic age.

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