Dataset of Heihe River Basin field experiment (1990-1992)

Dataset of Heihe River Basin field experiment (1990-1992)

Interaction "heihe region in field observation experiment (HEIFE)", is in the heihe river basin in hexi corridor in the middle of a 70 km by 90 km range of experimental zone for the center with water and heat exchange of a very comprehensive experiment, the interaction is the current international field the longest continuous observation on the land surface process experiment, has obtained the Eurasia hinterland typical in heihe river basin, gobi desert and oasis in arid regions different underlaying surface, such as solar radiation, atmospheric boundary layer meteorological data and oasis of meteorological data, and collect the conventional meteorological and hydrological data in the region,It has laid the foundation of observation experiment for theoretical study of land surface processes in arid areas.

The heihe experimental database (HDB) (tao zehong and zuo hongchao, 1994a) comprehensively collected and systematically integrated the field observation data of heihe experiment.In the database, all observation data are divided into three categories according to the nature and purpose of observation:

Category 1: normal observation period (FOP) data.It includes :(1) observation data of 5 micrometeorological stations and 5 automatic meteorological stations;(2) groundwater level data observed at four well stations;(3) distribution of blowing sand and dust and ozone observation data;(4) conventional observation data of 3 upper-air weather stations, 3 surface weather stations, 4 hydrology stations, some rain measuring stations and downhole water stations.

The second category: enhanced observation period (IOP) data.It includes: observations of turbulence, tethered balloons, Sodar, Lidar, soil moisture content and composition during each strengthening period (PlOP, IOP-1, lop-2, IOP-3, IOP-4).

The third category is special observation period data, which includes: biological meteorological observation (BOP), precipitation mechanism observation (iop-r) in arid areas, turbulence contrast observation (iop-c), supplementary observation data of deserts far from the oasis (iop-da) and observation data of sand sample experiment.Please refer to HEIFE database user manual for more detailed information (tao zehong et al., 1994b).

File naming and required software

File name: the data is stored in the observation item folder, including: AWS (Automatic Weather Station), hydrolog, meteorology, radio-so, soil moisture, rain, radiation and document
Data reading: can be opened with a text program (such as notepad)

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Li, X., Ran, Y. (2013). Dataset of Heihe River Basin field experiment (1990-1992). National Tibetan Plateau Data Center, DOI: 10.3972/heihe.014.2013.db. CSTR: 18406.11.heihe.014.2013.db. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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References literature

1.Wang, H., & Li, D.L., (2010). Differences of meteorological elements that conventional meteorological and field stations observed in northwest dry area of china. Plateau Meteorology, 29(2), 514-522. (View Details )

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