Paleomagnetic data of the Titel-Stari Slankamen loess section in Serbia

Paleomagnetic data of the Titel-Stari Slankamen loess section in Serbia

This data set is composed of paleomagnetic analysis data of the comprehensive loess profile of titel stari slankamen, Serbia. The total thickness of the loess section measured by paleomagnetic experiment is about 55m, and the number of samples measured is 105. MMTD 80 automatic thermal demagnetizer produced by British magnetic measurement company is used for thermal demagnetization of the system, and the residual magnetism measurement is completed on 2g-760 three-axis superconducting magnetometer. All samples were systematically thermally demagnetized at 100 ° C, 150 ° C, 200 ° C, 250 ° C, 300 ° C, 350 ° C, 400 ° C, 450 ° C, 500 ° C, 520 ° C, 550 ° C, 585 ° C, 620 ° C, 630 ° C, 650 ° C, 685 ° C in 16 steps. The mixed demagnetization method was used for 33 samples. Firstly, thermal demagnetization was carried out to 150 ° C, and then alternating demagnetization was carried out. The alternating demagnetization field was 5 MT, 7.5 MT, 10 mT, 15 MT, 20 MT, 25 MT, 30 mT, 35 MT, 40 MT, 45 MT, 50 MT and 60 Mt. Finally, the characteristic remanence results of all samples were obtained by principal component analysis. The experimental analysis was completed in the State Key Laboratory of lithospheric evolution. This data provides further age constraints for the Loess in Serbia and is of great significance for the study of paleoclimate / Paleoenvironment in southeastern Europe.

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Paleomagnetic data of the Titel-Stari Slankamen loess section in Serbia

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Hao, Q. (2021). Paleomagnetic data of the Titel-Stari Slankamen loess section in Serbia. National Tibetan Plateau Data Center, DOI: 10.11888/Paleoenv.tpdc.271696. CSTR: 18406.11.Paleoenv.tpdc.271696. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

Related Literatures:

1. Song, Y., Guo, Z., Marković, S., Hambach, U., Deng, C., Chang, L., Wu, J., & Hao, Q. (2018). Magnetic stratigraphy of the Danube loess: A composite Titel-Stari Slankamen loess section over the last one million years in Vojvodina, Serbia. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 155, 68-80.( View Details | Bibtex)

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Comparative study of past climate changes at multi-timescale in East Asian monsoon region and Westerly zone (No:2017YFE0112800)

NSFC Basic Research Center Program: Continental Evolution and Earth’s monsoon System (No:41888101)

NSFC National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars: Quaternary Geology (No:41625010)

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