Brief Introduction:Sanjiangyuan National Park

Number of Datasets:46

  • Snow cover product for Sanjiangyuan (2002-2014)

    This data set was derived from MODIS version 005 and the IMS data set. It is a daily cloudless snow area product processed by cloud removal. Value range: 0%-100%. 200: snow; 100: lake ice; 25: land; 37: sea. The spatial resolution is 0.005 degrees (approximately 500 m), and the temporal coverage is from July 5, 2002, to December 31, 2014.

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  • Automatic Weather Station Data Set from Guoluo Station (2017)

    The data set contains meteorological observations from Guoluo Station from January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017, and includes temperature (Ta_1_AVG), relative humidity (RH_1_AVG), vapour pressure (Pvapor_1_AVG), average wind speed (WS_AVG), atmospheric pressure (P_1), average downward longwave radiation (DLR_5_AVG), average upward longwave radiation (ULR_5_AVG), average net radiation (Rn_5_AVG), average soil temperature (Ts_TCAV_AVG), soil water content (Smoist_AVG), total precipitation (Rain_7_TOT), downward longwave radiation (CG3_down_Avg), upward longwave radiation (CGR3_up_Avg), average photosynthetically active radiation (Par_Avg), etc. The temporal resolution is 1 hour. Missing observations have been assigned a value of -99999.

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  • Vegetation quadrat survey dataset in the Three-River Headwater Region (2017)

    The data set contains vegetation quadrat survey data for Qumalai, Mado and Hoh Xil from August 3, 2017, to August 9, 2017. The main survey contents are coverage, altitude and above-ground biomass. It covers three vegetation types: alpine grassland, alpine wetland and alpine meadow. The latitude, longitude, altitude, total coverage, species name and quantity of the quadrat were recorded, and three samples of each species were selected to measure the altitude, the total above-ground biomass, and the above-ground biomass of each category.

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  • GF-1 NDVI Data Set in Maduo County (2016)

    This is the vegetation index (NDVI) for Maduo County in July, August and September of 2016. It is obtained through calculation based on the multispectral data of GF-1. The spatial resolution is 16 m. The GF-1 data are processed by mosaicking, projection coordinating, data subsetting and other methods. The maximum synthesis is then conducted every month in July, August, and September.

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  • The Meteorological Data of Mt. Qomolangma, Namco, and Linzhi Stations on the Tibetan Plateau (2006-2008)

    The data set collects the long-term monitoring data on atmosphere, hydrology and soil from the Integrated Observation and Research Station of Multisphere in Namco, the Integrated Observation and Research Station of Atmosphere and Environment in Mt. Qomolangma, and the Integrated Observation and Research Station of the Alpine Environment in Southeast Tibet. The data have three resolutions, which include 0.1 seconds, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 24 hours. The temperature, humidity and pressure sensors used in the field atmospheric boundary layer tower (PBL) were provided by Vaisala of Finland. The wind speed and direction sensor was provided by MetOne of the United States. The radiation sensor was provided by APPLEY of the United States and EKO of Japan. Gas analysis instrument was provided by Licor of the United States, and the soil moisture content, ultrasonic anemometer and data collector were provided by CAMPBELL of the United States. The observing system is maintained by professionals on a regular basis (2-3 times a year), the sensors are calibrated and replaced, and the collected data are downloaded and reorganized to meet the meteorological observation specifications of the National Weather Service and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The data set was processed by forming a time continuous sequence after the raw data were quality-controlled, and the quality control included eliminating the systematic error caused by missing data and sensor failure.

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