China meteorological forcing dataset (1979-2018)

The China Meteorological Forcing Dataset (CMFD) is a high spatial-temporal resolution gridded near-surface meteorological dataset that was developed specifically for studies of land surface processes in China. The dataset was made through fusion of remote sensing products, reanalysis dataset and in-situ observation data at weather stations. Its record starts from January 1979 and keeps extending (currently up to December 2018) with a temporal resolution of three hours and a spatial resolution of 0.1°. Seven near-surface meteorological elements are provided in CMFD, including 2-meter air temperature, surface pressure, specific humidity, 10-meter wind speed, downward shortwave radiation, downward longwave radiation and precipitation rate.

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Long-term sequence dataset of China snow depth (1979-2018)

This data set is an upgraded version of the “Long-term Sequence Data Set of China Snow Depth". The source data of the dataset differ from those of the previous version. Because AMSR-E stopped running in 2011, snow depth from 2008 to 2018 is extracted using the brightness temperature of the SSMI/S sensor. This dataset provides daily data of snow depth distribution in China from January 1, 1979, to December 31, 2018, with a spatial resolution of 0.25 degrees. The original data used to invert the snow depth dataset are the daily passive microwave brightness temperature data (EASE-Grid) from SMMR (1979-1987), SSM/I (1987-2007) and SSMI/S (2008-2018) processed by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). Because the three sensors are mounted on different platforms, there is a certain system inconsistency in the obtained data. The time consistency of the brightness temperature data is improved by cross-calibrating the brightness temperatures of different sensors. The snow depth inversion is then performed using the algorithm specifically modified for China by Dr. Tao Che based on the Chang algorithm. For the specific inversion method, please refer to the data specification, “Long-term Sequence Data Set of China Snow Depth (1979-2018) Introduction. doc". The data set is a latitude and longitude projection, with one file each day, the naming convention of which is year + day; for example, 1990001 represents the first day of 1990, and 1990207 represents the 207th day of 1990. For a detailed data description, please refer to the data file.

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