HiWATER: Dataset of hydrometeorological observation network (eddy covariance system of Zhangye wetland Station, 2015)

This data set contains the vortex correlativity data of zhangye wetland station in the middle reaches of heihe hydrometeorological observation network from January 1, 2015 to September 25, 2015.The site is located in zhangye city, gansu province.The latitude and longitude of the observation point is 100.44640E, 38.97514N, and the altitude is 1460.00m.The height of the vortex correlation instrument is 5.2m, the sampling frequency is 10Hz, the ultrasonic direction is due to the north, and the distance between the ultrasonic wind speed and temperature instrument (Gill) and the CO2/H2O analyzer (Li7500A) is 25cm. The original observation data of vorticity correlativity is 10Hz, and the released data is the data of 30 minutes processed by Eddypro software. The main steps of its processing include: outfield value elimination, delay time correction, Angle correction, coordinate rotation (secondary coordinate rotation), frequency response correction, ultrasonic virtual temperature correction and density (WPL) correction.Quality assessment for each intercompared to at the same time, mainly is the atmospheric stability (Δ st) and turbulent characteristics of similarity (ITC) test.The 30min pass value output by Eddypro software was also screened.(2) data of 1h before and after precipitation were excluded;(3) the missing rate of 10Hz original data is more than 10% every 30min;(4) the observed data of weak turbulence at night were excluded (u* less than 0.1m/s).The average period of observation data was 30 minutes, 48 data a day, and the missing data was marked as -6999.The suspicious data caused by instrument drift and other reasons are marked in red. The vortex system Li7500A was calibrated on April 12, 2015, solstice, May 1, 2015, and the data is missing.After September 26, there were many errors in the data due to problems in the power supply and Li7500A. Observations published include:Date/Time for the Date/Time, wind Wdir (°), Wnd horizontal wind speed (m/s), standard deviation Std_Uy lateral wind speed (m/s), ultrasonic virtual temperature Tv (℃), the water vapor density H2O (g/m3), carbon dioxide concentration CO2 (mg/m3), friction velocity Ustar) (m/s), Mr. Hoff length L (m), sensible heat flux Hs (W/m2), latent heat flux LE (W/m2), carbon dioxide flux Fc (mg/(m2s)), the quality of the sensible heat flux identifier QA_Hs, the quality of the latent heat flux identifier QA_LE,Carbon dioxide flux mass identification QA_Fc.The quality of the sensible heat and latent heat, carbon dioxide flux identification is divided into three (quality id 0: (Δ st < 30, the ITC < 30);1: (Δ st < 100, ITC < 100);The rest are 2).The meaning of data time, such as 0:30 represents the average between 0:00 and 0:30;The data is stored in *.xls format. Please refer to Li et al. (2013) for hydrometeorological network or site information, and Liu et al. (2011) for observation data processing.

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