Test and demonstration data set of automatic recording meter for tree diameter at breast height at field stations (2019-2020)

We develop a DBH recording meter that can automatically record DBH at high frequencies and high precision in the field by designing a high-precision displacement sensor and temperature compensation algorithm. With the developed software, tree growth dynamics can be evaluated online in real time through remote computers or smartphones。The data set is collected through field test and demonstration at Qilian mountain station in Gansu Province and Beijing forest station by using the DBH recording meter. The data table includes the control values measured manually and the measured values of VI (displacement), RI (tree perimeter) and CI (tree diameter) collected by different tree species at different stations. The development of this automatic DBH recording meter promote the automation, intelligent level and independent innovation of vegetation ecological monitoring in China. The dynamic changes of DBH of trees serve the national ecosystem monitoring network, the construction of national "two screens and three belts" ecological security barrier and the demand for large-scale, all-weather and three-dimensional monitoring of vulnerable ecological areas. It plays an important supporting role in promoting the construction of ecological civilization in China.

0 2021-11-01

Dataset of vegetation plots in the Ejina delta (2010-2011)

Field survey data of ecological vegetation sample in ejin delta during the project implementation period. A sample of ecological vegetation survey near 31 groundwater salinity observation points in ejin delta.The main investigation items include: plant species, plant structure, number, height, base diameter, crown width, coverage, frequency, etc.Time: 2010 and 2011 (july-august).

0 2020-03-10

The samples description data in the lower reaches of Heihe River

The survey area is 101 ° 3 ′ 13.265 ″ longitude, 42 ° 1 ′ 53.660 ″ latitude and 883.54m altitude. The sample area is 100 × 100m, and the sample area is 20 × 20m. The crown width, height and DBH of Populus euphratica were investigated.

0 2020-03-06

The data of field investigation and experimental observations of intraspecific and interspecific relationship (2013)

The dataset investigated the growth status of plants and leaf morphological indexes of single and conjoined red sand and pearl in the middle and lower reaches of heihe river basin in 2013. The growth indexes were crown width, plant height, and biomass of fine roots and thick roots.Leaf shape indicators are: length, width, thickness, and leaf area, volume, etc.The experimental observation indexes are: leaf nitrogen content, water potential, gas exchange data, chlorophyll fluorescence data. Data include: field observation data and explanatory documents.

0 2020-03-05

Planting structure and area information of oasis crops in the Heihe River Basin

The dataset include the planting structure and area information of major crops in 11 districts and counties of the Heihe River Basin from 2000 to 2012 (grain, wheat, corn, potato, soybean, cotton, oil, vegetables, etc.)

0 2019-09-15