Camera-trapping survey of the mammal diversity in the Qilian Mountain:Camera-trapping data of Lanzhou university in the Sidalong of Qilian Mountain (2020)

This dataset contains infrared camera data from January 2020 to October 2020 for the Sidalong sample area in the Qilian Mountains region of Lanzhou University. The typical habitats in the sample area of Teradalong are forests, the main tree species are Qilian round cypress and Qinghai spruce, and the typical mammals are red deer, musk deer, roe deer and blue eared-pheasant.. The main steps of infrared camera data processing include. 1. data storage, setting up directories to store photos and video files on computers, mobile hard disks or other storage media. 2. Processing of mistaken or invalid photos. Delete wind-blown, exposure, no animal presence or arbitrary form of invalid photos. 3. species identification. (1) Animal identification image library construction, each survey unit to establish a library of animal identification images, the library is mainly used for the training of species identification personnel, to facilitate their rapid grasp of species identification characteristics, accurate identification of species. (2) Processing of effective photos: for photos (videos) that can accurately identify species, fill in the name, number and environmental information of the animals in the automatic camera (video) recording form; if there are two or more animals on a photo, fill in one line each; for photos that cannot accurately identify species, fill in the column of the name of the animal that cannot be identified, and fill in the number and environmental information, and fill in the photo processing For poultry and livestock, fill in the name and number of animals and poultry and livestock; for people, fill in the name of the animal as "herder, tourist, forest ranger", etc. (3) other information: environmental information records, according to the photos (video), fill in the following environmental information: temperature: according to the temperature shown on the photos to fill in. Weather: sunny, cloudy, rain, snow. Need to judge carefully. Snow: with or without. Behavior: foraging, drinking, hunting, mating, fighting, fighting for food, repelling, playing, running, resting, walking, alerting, etc. Animal age: young, subspecies, female, male, unknown. Published observation data include: file number, file format, folder number, camera number, deployment point number, shooting date, shooting time, working days (days), element, species name, young, sub, female, male, unknown, total, behavior, temperature (℃), weather, snow.

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