Hydrogen isotope data for 40,000 years in Tengchong Qinghai, southwest China

This data set is the hydrogen isotope data of leaf wax from 10 m core of Qinghai Lake in Tengchong, Southeast of Qinghai Tibet Plateau. Tengchong Qinghai Lake is a small crater lake in Gaoligong Mountain, Southwest China. Core samples were collected at about 4m in the center of the lake in 2017. Ams-14c dating was used to establish the age series. The n-alkane leaf wax hydrogen isotope was determined and analyzed by Agilent 6890 GC gas chromatograph and Deltaplus XL type chromatography isotope mass spectrometry. The data reflect the information of atmospheric precipitation isotope in this area, and play an important role in the study of monsoon precipitation changes in southwest monsoon region in the past 40000 years. Data acquisition, pre-processing extraction and instrument testing were completed in strict accordance with the relevant operating procedures.

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A tree ring-based winter temperature reconstruction for the southeastern Tibetan Plateau (1340-2007)

This dataset is provided by the author of the paper: Huang, R., Zhu, H.F., Liang, E.Y., Liu, B., Shi, J.F., Zhang, R.B., Yuan, Y.J., & Grießinger, J. (2019). A tree ring-based winter temperature reconstruction for the southeastern Tibetan Plateau since 1340 CE. Climate Dynamics, 53(5-6), 3221-3233. In this paper, in order to understand the past few hundred years of winter temperature change history and its driving factors, the researcher of Key Laboratory of Alpine Ecology, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences and CAS Center for Excellence in Tibetan Plateau Earth Sciences. Prof. Eryuan Liang and his research team, reconstructed the minimum winter (November – February) temperature since 1340 A.D. on southeastern Tibetan Plateau based on the tree-ring samples taken from 2007-2016. The dataset contains minimum winter temperature reconstruction data of Changdu on the southeastern TP during 1340-2007. The data contains fileds as follows: year Tmin.recon (℃) See attachments for data details: A tree ring-based winter temperature reconstruction for the southeasternTibetan Plateau since 1340 CE.pdf

0 2020-06-19

Data set of total mercury in leaves of common tree species in the East and south of Qinghai Tibet Plateau (2008)

This dataset includes the concentrations and spatial pattern of mercury (Hg) in the foliage of the local tree species over the easteran and the southern Tibetan Plateau. Fifty-three leaf samples were collected, and cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrophotometry (CVAFS) was used to analyse the Hg contents. The limit of detection (LOD) for this method is 1.8 ng/g. The standard reference material, foliage GB GSW-11, which is supplied by National Institute of Metrology P.R.China, was also analyzed for assessing the accuracy of this method, and the recoveries of this method were 94.6%±9.7%. This dataset will provide the informations of foliage absoprtion to Hg over the Tibetan Plateau.

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