Shergyla Mountain meteorological data (2005-2017)

Shergyla Mountain meteorological data, Record the surface near Linzhi(1.2-1.5m) conventional meteorological observation.The dataset records the meteorological data at the eastern slope of Shergyla Mountain from 2005 to 2016, and North-facing slope from 2005 to 2012.Including daily average data of temperature, relative humidity, precipitation. Data collected near the eastern slope timberline of Shergyla Mountain, Latitude:29°39′25.2″N; Longitude:94°42′25.62″E; Altitude:4390m, and collected near the north-facing slope of Shergyla Mountain, Latitude:29°35′50.9″N; Longitude:94°36′42.7″E; Altitude:4390m. Collector: Campbell Co CR1000. Collection time interval:30min. Digital automatic data collection, daily average value of artificial calculation. It includes the following basic meteorological parameters: North-facing slope data: Wind speed,Unit m/s Temperature,Unit ℃ Relative Humidity,Unit % Atmospheric pressure,Unit hPa Global radiation,Unit w/m2 Soil heat flux,Unit w/m2 Soil temperature,Unit ℃ Soil moisture,Unit % Precipitation,Unit mm Thickness of snow, Unit cm Ecology station data: Temperature,Unit ℃ Relative Humidity,Unit % Atmospheric pressure,Unit hPa Wind speed,Unit m/s Precipitation,Unit mm Snow Depth,Unit cm Radiation,Unit w/m2 Soil moisture content,Unit % Soil heat flux,Unit w/m2

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