Statistics of rural hydropower stations in Tibet in 2018

This data set is the summary of the survey results of rural small hydropower in Tibet in 2018. The main contents include the name, installed capacity, start-up time and completion time of small hydropower stations in different districts and counties of each prefecture and city in Tibet Autonomous Region, as well as the operation status of each hydropower station. The hydropower development in Tibet Autonomous Region has an early history. There are not many large and medium-sized hydropower stations, mainly in rural areas. With the development of social economy, most of the small hydropower stations in Tibet Autonomous Region have been shut down. At present, the development of large and medium-sized hydropower projects is the main one. In plateau areas where Hydropower Survey data are scarce, this data set reflects the history and current situation of small hydropower in Tibet Autonomous Region, and can provide a certain data basis for hydropower development survey and evaluation in Tibet Autonomous Region.

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The retrofit scheme of the irrigating gates and the design flow of each channel (2003)

This data includes the general layout of the reconstruction project of the middle reaches of the Heihe River, and describes in detail the water diversion flow, irrigation area and other data of each diversion outlet in the middle reaches of the Heihe River. It is attached with the statistical table of the current situation of the diversion portal (listing the diversion form, bank type, irrigation area name, irrigation area name and diversion flow of all diversion portal), the statistical table of the relative distance of the reconstructed diversion portal in the middle reaches (including the relative distance between the reconstructed diversion portal and Zhengyi gorge, bank type and the distance from the previous one), and the general layout plan of the combined reconstruction of the diversion portal (including the combined one Water diversion type, bank type, irrigation area name, irrigation area and water diversion flow) There is no vector format for the data, we only collect JPG format, with a diversion channel table.

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