Spatial layout of characteristic agriculture in Qinghai Tibet Plateau

The data includes the county-level data of characteristic agriculture distribution in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, which lays the foundation for the spatial distribution and development of characteristic agriculture in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. The data are from the development plan of Tibet Plateau characteristic agricultural products base (2015-2020), Qinghai province's 13th five year plan, Sichuan Province's 13th five year plan for agricultural and rural economic development, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region's 13th five year plan for targeted poverty alleviation of agricultural characteristic industries (2016-2020), Yunnan Province's overall plan for plateau characteristic agricultural modernization( 2016-2020), implementation opinions on fostering and strengthening characteristic agricultural industries in Gansu Province to boost poverty alleviation, China National Geographic Indication product network (, regional layout planning of characteristic agricultural products (2013-2020). The data is the distribution of county-level characteristic agriculture, realizing the spatialization of county-level characteristic agriculture. The data can be applied to the research on the spatial distribution of characteristic agriculture and the development of characteristic agriculture in the future.

0 2020-01-09