HiWATER: Dataset of soil parameters in the midstream of the Heihe River Basin (2012)

This data was measured in middle stream of the Heihe River Basin in year 2012. Soil texture, porosity, bulk density, saturated water conductivity, soil organic matter were measured for each layer of the soil profile which is very close to the AMS sites. This data can be used in land surface model and ecological model. Soil profile position: The coordinate of the profile is listed as follow. No.1 to No.17 is corresponding to the AMS number in the Matrix. No. x y 1 100.3582 38.89322 2 100.3541 38.88697 3 100.3763 38.89057 5 100.3506 38.87577 6 100.3597 38.8712 7 100.3652 38.87677 8 100.3765 38.87255 9 100.3855 38.87241 10 100.3957 38.87569 11 100.342 38.86994 12 100.3663 38.86516 13 100.3785 38.86077 14 100.3531 38.85869 16 100.3641 38.8493 17 100.3697 38.84512 15 (superstation) 100.3721 38.85547 Gebi 100.3058 38.91801 Huazhaizi 100.3189 38.7652 Shenshawo 100.4926 38.78794 Instruments: Soil texture: Microtrac laser particle analyzer Porosity: Ring sampler law Bulk density: Ring sampler law Saturated Water Conductivity: hydrostatic head method Soil organic matter: Total organic carbon analyzer (TOC-VCPH) Measuring time: 2012-5-20 to 2012-7-10 (UTC+8). Measuring content: Soil texture, porosity, bulk density, saturated water conductivity, soil organic matter.

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HiWATER: Dataset of GPS radiosonde sounding observations in the middle and upper reaches of the Heihe River Basin in 2012

The dataset generated from the radiosonde observations in middle basin of Heihe River during 2012. The instrument type are RS92-SGP (Vaisala inc., Finland) or CF-06-A (Changfeng Micro-Electroinics, CHINA). Radiosondes were released during aerospace experiment, such as CASI/SAI, TASI, WIDAS sensors. Atmospheric parameters: pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction are measured or calculated at different altitude. This atmospheric parameter profiles can back up atmospheric correction in remote sensing. It can support meteorology research. Observation Site: 1. Wuxing Village: Latitude: 38°51′11.9″N,Longitude: 100°21′48.8″E,Altitude: 1563 m 2. Gaoya Hydrological Station Latitude: 39°8′7.2″N,Longitude: 100°23′59.0″E,Altitude: 1418 m 3. A’Rou Super Station Latitude: 38°03′17.9″N,Longitude: 100°27′28.1″E,Altitude: 2991 m Observation Instrument Type: RS92-SGP manufacture by Vaisala inc., Finland CF-06-A manufacture by Beijing Changfeng Micro-Electronics Technology Co., LTD, CHINA. Observation Time: Simultaneous observation time from 29 June, 2012 to 29 July, 2012 (UTC+8). Accessory data: Pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction profiles data.

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HiWATER: Dataset of vegetation type and plant structure investigation in the middle of Heihe River Basin form Jun to Aug, 2012

The dataset contains vegetation type and plant structure in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin, which was used to validate products from remote sensing. It was generated from investigating the land cover strips of CASI and SASI the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin between 25 June and 6 August in 2012. Instruments: High-precision handheld GPS (2-3 m) and digital camera were used as main tools in the survey. Measurement method: Vegetation range in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin and survey route could be decided with the help of Google Earth. Wuxing village in Xiaoman town was selected to survey detailed and other places were investigated as far to reach as possible. Main methods were to write down the longitude and latitude, phenology of the plant structure, take photos for the vegetation. Dataset contains: longitude and latitude, vegetation type, area and phenology. Observation Place: CASI flight area in artificial oasis in the middle reaches, CASI stripe flight area in the middle reaches and Zhangye district. Date: From 25 June and 6 August in 2012.

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HiWATER: Dataset of scintec flat array sodar in the villiage of Wuxing, Xiaoman Town

This mesurement aims to obtain the wind direction, wind speed, and disturbance characteristics of the lower atmosphere. The observation period is from 25 June to 17 Septemper, 2012 (UTC+8). Measurement instruments: Germany Scintec MFAS Flat Array Sodar Measurement position: 60 meters northwest of Daman Super Station Measurement period: 25 June to 17 Septemper, 2012. 24 hours of uninterrupted obeservation. Automatically Recorded Data every half hour. Data contents: We obtain one data file every day. The data contents include observation height, wind speed, wind direction, wind speed in east – west direction, wind speed in south – north direction, vertical wind speed, standard deviation of vertical wind speed, backscatter intensity. Remarks: The prectical obsevation height changes with the air water vapor content. Our obsevation point is located in the arid region. The air water vapor content is very low. Therefore the maximum obsevation height is about 300 meters. When it rains or very windy and dusty, the backscatter intensity is very high. Then the data would be miss or only has the vertical wind speed and backscatter intensity.

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