Dataset of plant distribution investigation in Three-River-Source National Park (2008-2017)

This data set is the plant collection and distribution site information of Three-River-Source National Park investigated by Northwest Plateau Biology Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The data set covers the period from 2008 to 2017, and the survey covers theThree-River-Source National Park. The survey contents include information such as collection date, number, family, genus, species, survey date, collection place, collector, longitude, latitude, altitude, habitat, appraiser, etc. Three parks of the national park were investigated respectively. 88 species of vegetation belonging to 56 genera and 24 families were investigated in the Yangtze River Source Park, with 116 records in total. Vegetation of 110 species in 64 genera and 26 families was investigated in the Yellow River Source Park, with 159 records in total. The vegetation of 30 species in 22 genera and 12 families was investigated in Lancang River Source Park, with a total of 33 records.

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Data set of total mercury in leaves of common tree species in the East and south of Qinghai Tibet Plateau (2008)

This dataset includes the concentrations and spatial pattern of mercury (Hg) in the foliage of the local tree species over the easteran and the southern Tibetan Plateau. Fifty-three leaf samples were collected, and cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrophotometry (CVAFS) was used to analyse the Hg contents. The limit of detection (LOD) for this method is 1.8 ng/g. The standard reference material, foliage GB GSW-11, which is supplied by National Institute of Metrology P.R.China, was also analyzed for assessing the accuracy of this method, and the recoveries of this method were 94.6%±9.7%. This dataset will provide the informations of foliage absoprtion to Hg over the Tibetan Plateau.

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