The Tibetan Plateau glacial data product (2013)

The Tibetan Plateau Glacial Data Product-TPG2013 is a glacial attribute product of the Tibetan Plateau around 2013. It was generated by remote sensing visual interpretation method adopting Landsat8 OLI and HJ 1A/1B multispectral data. The temporal coverage of the data were from 2012 to 2014. 86% of the remote sensing data were obtained in 2013. They covered the Tibetan Plateau with a spatial resolution of 30 m. Considering the large error of the automatic remote sensing extraction method caused by the impact of clouds, shadows and seasonal snow on glacier areas, the remote sensing inversion method adopted manual visual interpretation. By comparing the results of automatic methods and visual interpretation of glacier boundaries based on experts’ experiences, we know that the manual interpretation based on remote sensing images remains the most accurate method to obtain the glacier vector boundary at present. When selecting remote sensing images, the minimum effects of cloud and seasonal snow were mainly considered. Images of summer and cold season were both selected (different from the principle applied in selecting remote sensing image data source for China's second glacier inventory). At the same time, considering the differences in discriminant standards between different interpreters, the comparison of multiple typical regions showed that the relative deviation of manual visual interpretation was less than 4%. Based on the Arc map software platform, the abovementioned remote sensing images were geometrically corrected, and the final glacier vector boundary data were obtained by visual interpretation. According to the format and requirements of the second glacier inventory in China, the glacier code and area statistics were collected, the elevation attribute data of each glacier were obtained based on the SRTM DEM data, and, finally, the Tibetan Plateau glacial data product-TPG2013 was obtained.

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Water Plan of California (2005)

"Hydrologic - ecological - economic process coupling and evolution of heihe river basin governance under the framework of Water rights" (91125018) project data exchange to 5-water-plan-california 1. Data overview: California's water resources plan for 2005 for catchment comparison 2. Data content: the public plan

0 2020-07-31

Modern pollen data in the midstream of the Heihe River Basin

The modern sporopollen identification results of five different geomorphic types in the middle reaches of Heihe River show that there are 39 sporopollen types, 22 main types, belonging to 6 different vegetation types in 45 topsoil samples distributed in the desert vegetation belt. The SPOROPOLLEN ASSEMBLAGES with high percentage of sporopollen in the sporopollen map were selected to represent different geomorphic types. It was found that five geomorphic types (dune, alluvial proluvial fan, flood plain, riverbed and wetland) could be expressed by different combinations of nine sporopollen.

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Physical and chemical index data of deep drilling strata in the middle reaches of Heihe River (2013)

This data set contains the element content data of a deep drilled formation near the open sea in the middle reaches of Heihe River. The borehole is located at 99.432 E and 39.463 n with a depth of 550m. The element scanning analysis was carried out at 1-3cm intervals for the drilled strata. The scanning was completed in the Key Laboratory of Western Ministry of environmental education, Lanzhou University, and 38705 effective element data were obtained.

0 2020-07-30

Distribution data of geomorphic surface near Zhengyi gorge in the middle reaches of Heihe River (2012-2013)

From 2012 to 2013, the geomorphic surface near the Zhengyi gorge in the middle reaches of the Heihe River was investigated, mainly including the 4-level river terrace. The data are mainly obtained through field investigation, and analyzed and mapped indoors to obtain the distribution map of geomorphic surface at all levels near the middle reaches of Zhengyi gorge.

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Moraine distributions in the upstream of the Heihe River (2013-2014)

From 2013 to 2014, the Glacial Geomorphology of the upper reaches of Heihe River in the late Quaternary was investigated and sampled. Based on the field investigation and remote sensing image, the distribution map of moraine at different levels near the ridge of the upper reaches of the Bailang river was obtained.

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Chemical and isotope data of water samples in Badain Jaran desert (2012-2013)

D-18o isotopic, 14C age and hydrochemical analysis test results of water samples collected from lake and groundwater in badain jaran desert in this project.The data content includes the longitude and latitude coordinates of the water sample points, the water body attributes, the sampling depth, the test items and the test results, etc.

0 2020-07-30

Cross-section characteristics of plant leaf in the arid areas of middle-lower reaches of Heihe River

The leaf cross-sectional structure of constructive species in arid area of the middle and lower reaches of Heihe River Basin. The material number is consistent with the sampling table. Refer to the sampling table number to determine the material and its distribution position. A semi thin section of 65 dominant plants. The mesophyll structure of C3 and C4 plants, the characteristics of palisade tissue and sponge tissue, as well as the special structure including crystalloid cells can be reflected.

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Vegetation quadrat survey data in the middle of Heihe River Basin (2013-2014)

The survey data of vegetation quadrat in the middle reaches of Heihe River consists of the field survey data in 2013 and 2014, including the vegetation and soil data of the survey quadrat. The data of each survey sample includes the following information: sample longitude and latitude, sample size, elevation, sample overview, plant name, plant height, crown width, coverage, total coverage, number of trees, plant spacing, row spacing, large row spacing, DBH. The soil is divided into 6 layers according to 0-100cm below the ground, which are 0-10cm, 10-20cm, 20-40cm, 40-60cm, 60-80cm and 80-100cm respectively.

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Age data of the shallow sediment core in the middle of Heihe River Basin

This data set contains two shallow drilling data near Heiquan in the middle reaches of Heihe River: 140 meters and 68.2 meters deep respectively. Paleomagnetic age samples were taken at 10-50 cm intervals from the two boreholes, and the magnetostratigraphic sequences of the two boreholes were obtained by testing these samples.

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