Dataset of resources and environment of Cryosphere in Urumqi River Basin

The dataset contains: I. document Dataset description file 二. Grid The Urumqi River Basin in Tianshan is divided into two sub regions: the upper reaches and the No. 1 glacier area. The data scale of the upstream area is 1:50000, and the grid size of the two kinds of precision digital elevation model is 2000 × 2000m and 100 × 100m respectively; the data scale of the source area is 1:5000, and the grid size of the digital elevation model is 5*5m. Digital elevation model of glacier in Headwater Area Digital elevation model of No.1 glacier in 1973、1980 and 1986; digital elevation model of No.2 glacier in 1963、1968、1973、1980 and 1986. 三, Map Thumbnails of various data types 四. rsimage TM, ETM,remote sensing image 五. Vector includes: (1) soil type map (Soil): geocode soil type (2) land resource evaluation map (Landeval): geocode, land type , subclass (3) land type map(Landtype): geocode, category, subclass (4) landuse map(Landuse): geocode, category, subclass (5) current situation of water resources utilization (wateruse): geocode, category, subclass (6) human activity(activity): geocode , category 2、 glaicer: No.1 glacier map (73, 80, 86 years), No.2 glacier map (62, 64, 73, 80years), including glacier, glacier boundary, contour data 3、 upstream sub area UP: (1) boundary (2) Subregional drainage system(River)(3) soil type map (Soil) (4) land resource evaluation map (Landeval) (5) land type map(Landtype) (6)landuse map(Landuse) (7) current situation of water resources utilization (wateruse) (8) human activity(activity) (9) Glacier distribution map(Glacier) Data projection: Project: reverse & Mercator False_easting: 500000.000000 False_northing: 0.000000 Central_meridian: 87.000000 Scale factor: 1.000000 Latitude_Of_Origin: 0.000000 Linear Unit: Meter (1.000000) Geographic Coordinate System: GCS_Krasovsky_1940

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