Vegetation quadrat survey dataset in Maduo County (2016)

These are the vegetation quadrat survey data of the alpine grassland and alpine meadow in Maduo County in September 2016. The dimensions of the square quadrat are 50 cm x 50 cm. The main contents of the survey include coverage, species name, vegetation height, biomass (dry weight and fresh weight), the latitude and longitude coordinates of the quadrat, slope, aspect, slope position, soil type, vegetation type, surface features (litter, gravel, wind erosion, water erosion, saline-alkaline spots, etc.), use patterns, utilization intensity and others.

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GF-1 NDVI dataset in Maduo County (2016)

This is the vegetation index (NDVI) for Maduo County in July, August and September of 2016. It is obtained through calculation based on the multispectral data of GF-1. The spatial resolution is 16 m. The GF-1 data are processed by mosaicking, projection coordinating, data subsetting and other methods. The maximum synthesis is then conducted every month in July, August, and September.

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