Surface PAR, SSR and NR products over the Heihe River basin (2012)

We produced surface photosynthetic effective radiation (PAR), solar radiation (SSR) and net radiation (NR) products with 1KM resolution in the heihe basin in 2012.The temporal resolution ranges from instantaneous to hourly and daily.Day-by-day ancillary data were also produced, including aerosol optical thickness, moisture content, NDVI, snow cover, and surface albedo.Among them, PAR and SSR use the method of lookup table to directly invert by combining the stationary weather satellite and polar orbit satellite MODIS product.NR was calculated by analyzing the relationship between net short-wave and net surface radiation.Hourly instantaneous products are weighted by average and integral to obtain hourly and daily cumulative products.

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WATER: Dataset of the automatic meteorological observations at the Linze inland river basin comprehensive research station (2008-2009)

This data set includes the observation data of the automatic meteorological station from January 2008 to September 2009 in Linze Inland River Basin Comprehensive station. The station is located in Linze County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, with longitude and latitude of 100 ° 08 ′ e, 39 ° 21 ′ N and altitude of 1382m. The observation items include: atmospheric temperature and humidity gradient observation (1.5m and 3.0m), wind speed (2.2m and 3.7m), wind direction, air pressure, precipitation, net radiation and total radiation, carbon dioxide (2.8m and 3.5m), soil tension, multi-layer soil temperature (20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 120cm and 160cm) and soil heat flux (5cm, 10cm and 15cm). Please refer to the instruction document published with the data for specific header and other information.

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Atmospheric heat source/sink dataset over the Tibetan Plateau based on satellite and routine meteorological observations (1984-2015)

The Tibetan Plateau (TP), acting as a large elevated land surface and atmospheric heat source during spring and summer, has a substantial impact on regional and global weather and climate. To explore the multi-scale temporal variation in the thermal forcing effect of the TP,The data set of atmospheric heat source/sink in Tibetan Plateau was prepared as a quantitative analysis tool for calculating heat budget of gas column. the atmospheric heat source/sink dataset consists of three variables: surface sensible heat flux SH, latent heat release LH and net radiation flux RC. here we calculated the surface sensible heat and latent heat release based on 6-h routine observations at 80 (32) meteorological stations during the period 1979–2016:air temperature at 1.5 m and surface temperature and wind speed at 10 m are used to calculate surface sensible heat flux,the latent heat release is estimated precipitation data.The satellite datasets used to calculate the net radiation flux were the Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment surface radiation budget satellite radiation(GEWEX/SRB) and Clouds and Earth’s Radiant Energy Systems/Energy Balanced And Filled (CERES/EBAF). The monthly shortwave and longwave radiation fluxes at the surface and at the top of the atmosphere (TOA) in GEWEX/SRB and CERES/EBAF were utilized to obtain the net radiation flux for the period 1984–2015 via statistical methods。

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WATER: Dataset of meteorological station observations at the Yeniugou cold region hydrological station (2008-2009)

The dataset of meteorological station observations (2008-2009) was obtained at the Yeniugou cold region hydrological station (E99°33'/N38°28', 3320m), Qilian county, Qinghai province. Observation items were multilayer (2m and 10m) of the air temperature and air humidity, the wind speed and direction, the air pressure, precipitation, the global radiation, the net radiation, the multilayer soil temperature (20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 120cm and 160cm), soil moisture (20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 120cm and 160cm), and soil heat flux. For more details, please refer to the attached Data Directions.

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