The meteorological observation data of the Xiying River on the east section of the Qilian Mountains (2006-2010)

This data set contains meteorological observation data from three meteorological stations in the Shandong section of the Qilian Mountains (Xiying Reservoir [XYSCZ], Forest Protection Station [XYHLZ] and Shangchigou [XYSCG]), including temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, wind speed, main wind direction, total radiation and air pressure, and the temporal resolution is one day. The raw data were observed and collected in strict accordance with the instrument operating specifications. The accuracy of the data meets the requirements of the National Meteorological Administration and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) for meteorological observation data. The observation system is maintained by professionals 2-3 times a year, during which the sensor is calibrated or replaced and the collected data are downloaded and reorganized. The data are the continuous sequence generated by quality controlling the raw data, and some obvious systematic error data caused by missing points and sensor failure are eliminated.

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