China lake dataset (1960s-2015)

The multi-decadal lake number and area changes in China during 1960s–2015 are derived from historical topographic maps and >3831 Landsat satellite images, including lakes as fine as ≥1 km2 in size. The total area of lakes in China has increased by 5858.06 km2 (9%) between 1960s and 2015, and with heterogeneous spatial variations. Lake area changes in the Tibetan Plateau, Xinjiang, and Northeast Plain and Mountain regions reveal significant increases of 5676.75, 1417.15, 1134.87 km2 (≥15%), respectively, but the Inner-Mongolian Plateau shows an obvious decrease of 1223.76 km2 (22%). We find that 141 new lakes have appeared predominantly in the arid western China; but 333 lakes, mainly located in the humid eastern China, have disappeared over the past five decades.

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The lakes larger than 1k㎡ in Tibetan Plateau (V2.0) (1970s-2018)

Lakes on the Tibetan Plateau (TP) are an indicator and sentinel of climatic changes. We extended lake area changes on the TP from 2010 to 2018, and provided a long and dense lake observations between the 1970s and 2018. We found that the number of lakes, with area larger than 1 km2, has increased to ~1400 in 2018 from ~1000 in the 1970s. The total area of these lakes decreased between the 1970s and ~1995, and then showed a robust increase, with the exception of a slight decrease in 2015. This expansion of the lakes on the highest plateau in the world is a response to a hydrological cycle intensified by recent climate changes.

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Water quality slope data of Co Ngoin Lake (2017)

The data set includes the vertical profile of water quality and the multi-parameter data of surface water quality of Selincho Lake during the investigation of the sources of rivers and lakes from June to July of 2017. The main water quality parameters measured are dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, water temperature, etc. YSI EXO2 water quality multi-parameter measuring instrument is calibrated according to lake surface elevation and local pressure before each measurement. The time interval of measurement is set at 0.25s, and the speed of putting in is slow, so he high continuity of data acquisition is guaranteed. The original data obtained include the measured data exposed to air above the water surface, which are eliminated in the later processing.

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Water level observation data of Selincuo Lake (2016-2017)

This is the water level observation data of Selincuo Lake. It can be used in Climatology, Environmental Change, Hydrologic Process in Cold Regions and other disciplinary areas. The data is observed from September 17, 2016 to February 15,2017. It is measured by automatic water gauge and a piece of data is recorded every 60 minutes. The data includes the water pressure and water temperature of the water level observation point on the east bank of Selincuo Lake.The original data is precise, with the pressure accurate to 0.001kP and the water temperature 0.001℃. The original data forms a continuous time series after quality control. And the daily mean index data is obtained through calculation. The data is stored as an excel file.

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Water depth measurement dataset over the Kering Tso Lake (2017)

This data set includes the water depth measurement data during the Jianghuyuan expedition from June to July 2017 over the Kering Tso Lake. The measurement time is on July 2, 2017. The data was measured by Lowrance HDS-5 sonar sounder. The original data was generated by surfer 13 software and Kriging difference method. The original data contained more invalid depth data, which had been screened out in the later stage of collation. The survey line is reasonable to ensure that the data cover all depth gradients.

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Bathymetric data of Co Ngoin Lake (2017)

This data set comprises the depth measurements of Co Ngoin Lake during the River and Lake Source Investigation from June to July in 2017. The measurements were obtained on June 24, 2017 using a Lowrance HDS-5 sonar depth finder. The original data are made into the isobath map processed by the Surfer 13 software using the Kriging method. The original measured data contain numerous invalid depth data, all of which has been eliminated in the postselection process. The selected measurement line is reasonable, and the data cover various depth gradients.

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Hydrogen and oxygen isotope data of lakes from rivers and lakes (2017)

This data set is the hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratio data of water samples collected in the Selincuo, Gayringco, and Co Ngoin Lake during the Water Source Study in 2017. The water sample collection time is from June 2017 to July 2017. It can be used in Lake Water Cycle, Lake Environmental Changes, Study of Isotopic Geochemistry and other disciplinary areas.

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Water quality slope data of Co Ngoin Lake (2017)

These are the water quality vertical slope data of Co Ngoin Lake obtained during the River and Lake Source Investigation from June to July in 2017. The main water quality observation data include dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, PH, water temperature and others.

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Temperature and conductivity data of Selincuo Lake (2017)

This is the water quality data at depth of 2m, 15m, 18m, 28m, and 38m observed in Selincuo Lake from June to July, 2017. The data can be used in many fields, such as the physical and chemical properties of lakes and their climate response and lake environment changes.

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Selinna Lake core 14C dating data (2017)

This is the core 14C dating data of Selincuo long drill in 2017. It obtains the age information of lake sediments, and makes a time scale for the next step of environmental indicator analysis. The data is measured by the US BETA laboratory.

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