Spatial distribution data set of salt fields in China (2013)

This data set includes the distribution data of salt fields in China in 2013. These data are extracted from Landsat satellite remote sensing image and formed after vectorization. It mainly includes the salt field name (YT), salt number (yxbh), province (SF) and other information. There are 39 records in the dataset, 56.00kb. The corresponding data set file name and data table tag name are as follows: salt field name YT, salt number yxbh and province SF. The WGS-84 coordinate system is used as the spatial datum, and the precision is 1:300000. The county administrative region is the smallest unit, and the provincial administrative region is the largest unit.

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Survey data of soil salinity and organic matter in Ejina delta (August 2011)

Soil survey data corresponding to the ejin delta and the ecological vegetation sample during the project implementation period. Soil profile sampling corresponding to the ecological vegetation survey in ejin delta (5), 20 cm stratified sampling.Investigation items included: soil salinity, soil organic matter, C, N, P, etc., time: August 2011.

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