Land use change in the midstream of Heihe River Basin

According to the statistical yearbook, different types of land use change areas in the middle reaches of China since liberation were collected and sorted out.

0 2020-09-30

A survey construction of a water-saving society in Zhangye city, Gansu (2013)

Through the questionnaire survey of different water users in Zhangye City, the data on the implementation of water-saving society construction policies in Zhangye City are sorted out. The survey is mainly carried out on farmers and urban residents in all counties under Zhangye City's jurisdiction. The main contents include: people's awareness of water resources, water pollution, water-saving policies and willingness to participate in water conservation; The social and economic situation, gender, age, educational level, occupation, etc. of the interviewees. Survey objects: urban and rural residents over 18 years old in Minle County, Shandan County, Ganzhou District, Linze County, Gaotai County and Sunan County of Zhangye City.

0 2020-03-15

LAI and FAPAR field measured datasets in Heihe Basin ( 2012 )

This data includes FAPAR and LAI data of ground sample points collected in 2012.The acquisition equipment were SunScane and lai-2000.Among them, the spread value was obtained by FAPAR measurement for 4 times.The sampling sites were located around zhangye on July 15, 2012 at solstice on July 4, 2012, including arol, linze, jiulongjiang forest farm, danoguchi and wuxing village.A total of 637 sets of data were measured.

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FAPAR field measured datasets in Heihe basin (2011)

This data includes the fAPAR and Lai data collected in 2011. The acquisition equipment is SunScan and LAI-2000. Among them, fAPAR measures 4 times of spread value. The sampling points are located in Zhangye agricultural demonstration base on July 30, 2011, next to national highway 312 in Ejina banner on August 4, sandaoqiao in Ejina banner on August 5 and Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on August 6, 2011. Around Zhangye from July 4 to July 15, 2012.

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