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Estimating Turbulent Heat Fluxes With a Weak-Constraint Data Assimilation Scheme: A Case Study (HiWATER-MUSOEXE)



Xu, T.R., Bateni, S.M., Liang, S.L. (2015). Estimating turbulent heat fluxes with a weak-constraint data assimilation scheme: A case study (HiWATER-MUSOEXE). IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 12(1), 68-72. doi:10.1109/LGRS.2014.2326180.
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Title Estimating Turbulent Heat Fluxes With a Weak-Constraint Data Assimilation Scheme: A Case Study (HiWATER-MUSOEXE)
Authors Xu, Tongren| Bateni, S.M.| Liang, Shunlin|
Secondary Title IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters
Abstract A weak-constraint variational data assimilation (WC-VDA) scheme was developed to estimate turbulent heat fluxes by assimilating sequences of land surface temperature measurements. In contrast to the commonly used strong-constraint VDA system, the WC-VDA approach accounts for the effects of structural and model errors and generates better results. This is achieved by adding a model error term (ω) to the surface energy balance equation. The WC-VDA model was tested at two sites with very distinct hydrological and vegetated conditions: the Daman site (a wet site located in an oasis area and covered by seeded corn) and the Huazhaizi site (a dry site located in a desert area and covered by sparse grass). The two sites represent typical desert-oasis landscapes in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin, northwestern China. The results proved that the WC-VDA method performed well over very dry and wet conditions, and the estimated sensible and latent heat fluxes agree well with eddy covariance measurements.
Date 2015///
Year 2015
DOI 10.1109/LGRS.2014.2326180
Database Provider IEEE Xplore
volume 12
Issue Number 1
Start Page 68
Issn 1545-598X
Keywords atmospheric boundary layer| atmospheric techniques| atmospheric temperature| atmospheric turbulence| Daman site| data assimilation| desert area| desert-oasis landscapes| dry conditions| dry site| eddy covariance measurements| Equations| Evapotranspiration| Heating| Heihe River Basin| HiWATER-MUSOEXE| Huazhaizi site| hydrological conditions| land surface| Land surface temperature| land surface temperature (LST)| land surface temperature measurements| latent heat| latent heat flux| Mathematical model| middle reaches| model error term| Northwestern China| oasis area| seeded corn| Sensible heat flux| soil| sparse grass| strong-constraint variational data assimilation system| surface energy balance equation| turbulent heat fluxes| variational techniques| vegetated conditions| Vegetation| WC-VDA model| weak-constraint variational data assimilation scheme| weak-constraint variational data assimilation (WC-VDA)| wet conditions| wet site|
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