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Title Characterizing the Footprint of Eddy Covariance System and Large Aperture Scintillometer Measurements to Validate Satellite-Based Surface Fluxes
Authors Bai, J.| Jia, L.| Liu, S.| Xu, Z.| Hu, G.| Zhu, M.| Song, L.|
Secondary Title IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters
Abstract To validate satellite-based surface fluxes by ground measurements properly, several numerical simulations were carried out at a homogeneous alpine meadow site and mixed cropland site, considering various atmospheric conditions and different land cover distribution types. By comparing various pixel selection methods, the results showed that footprint was significant in insuring a consistent spatial scale between ground measurements and satellite-based surface fluxes, particularly for heterogeneous surface and high-resolution remote sensing data. Because large aperture scintillometer measurements cover larger areas than eddy covariance (EC) system measurements, the spatial heterogeneity at a subpixel scale in complicated surface should be further considered in validating coarse satellite data. Thus, more accurate validation data and scaling methods must be developed, such as measuring surface fluxes at the satellite pixel scale by a flux measurement matrix or airborne EC measurements.
Date 2015///
Year 2015
DOI 10.1109/LGRS.2014.2368580
Database Provider IEEE Xplore
volume PP
Issue Number 99
Start Page 1
Issn 1545-598X
Keywords Atmospheric measurements| Atmospheric modeling| Flux measurement| Footprint| Heating| land surface| Pollution measurement| Remote sensing| Satellites| scale| validation|
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