Hydrogen and oxygen isotopes and hydrological information data set of lake water in the source area of the Yellow River (2014-2016)

In April 2014 and may 2016, 21 Lakes (7 non thermal lakes and 14 thermal lakes) were collected in the source area of the Yellow River (along the Yellow River) respectively. The abundance of hydrogen and oxygen allogens was measured by Delta V advantage dual inlet / hdevice system in inno tech Alberta laboratory in Victoria, Canada. The isotope abundance was expressed in the form of δ (‰) (relative to the average seawater abundance in Vienna) )Test error: δ 18O: 0.1 ‰, δ D: 1 ‰. The data also includes Lake area and lake basin area extracted from Landsat 2017 image data in Google Earth engine.

Data file naming and use method

Normal English, FW: flux weighted; E / I: evaluation / inflow; WY: water yield

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WAN Chengwei. Hydrogen and oxygen isotopes and hydrological information data set of lake water in the source area of the Yellow River (2014-2016). National Tibetan Plateau Data Center, 2020. doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.06.427. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

Related Literatures:

1. Wan, C., Gibson, J. J., Shen, S., Yi, Y., Yi, P., & Yu, Z. (2019). Using stable isotopes paired with tritium analysis to assess thermokarst lake water balances in the Source Area of the Yellow River, northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China. Science of the Total Environment, 689, 1276-1292.( View Details | Download | Bibtex)

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Support Program

Pan-Third Pole Environment Study for a Green Silk Road-A CAS Strategic Priority A Program (No:XDA20000000)

Strategic leading science and technology project of Chinese Academy of Sciences (category A)

Study on hydrological connections between thermokarst lake and talik aquifer in the head area of the yellow river (No:51979072)

the Strategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences (No:XDA20100103) [XDA20100103]

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To respect the intellectual property rights, protect the rights of data authors,expand servglacials of the data center, and evaluate the application potential of data, data users should clearly indicate the source of the data and the author of the data in the research results generated by using the data (including published papers, articles, data products, and unpublished research reports, data products and other results). For re-posting (second or multiple releases) data, the author must also indicate the source of the original data.

Example of acknowledgement statement is included below: The data set is provided by National Tibetan Plateau Data Center (http://data.tpdc.ac.cn).

License: This work is licensed under an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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: WAN Chengwei  

Distributor: National Tibetan Plateau Data Center

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