Annual average ground temperature distribution map of Qinghai Tibet Plateau in 2010

The annual mean ground temperature data of 233 boreholes and a series of remote sensing data products related to permafrost mapping were collected around 2010. A new annual mean ground temperature estimation scheme based on the arithmetic mean of the morning and afternoon star ground temperature and a new missing data interpolation method was developed. The annual mean ground temperature of 1km remote sensing of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau in 2004-2018 was produced. Table temperature and freezing number of products. The MODIS Snow Day product was reconstructed, the Global LAnd Surface Satellite(GLASS) leaf area index product, the soil sand content, soil clay content, soil silt content, soil organic matter and soil bulk density data product of the SoilGrids 250 m, the second version of soil moisture product output by cldas of China Meteorological Administration and the automatic integration of nearly 40,000 regions were collected. Integrated products of weather station and FY2 / EMSIP precipitation products. By using the geographical weighted regression method, the annual average ground temperature distribution map with 1km resolution, which represents the 2010's Qinghai Tibet Plateau, is estimated by combining the annual average ground temperature borehole observation and a variety of remote sensing and non remote sensing data. The results of 58 independent boreholes show that the root mean square error is 0.63 ℃, and the deviation is 0.02 ± 0.79 ℃.

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RAN Youhua, LI Xin. Annual average ground temperature distribution map of Qinghai Tibet Plateau in 2010. National Tibetan Plateau Data Center, 2019. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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1.Youhua Ran, Xin Li, Zhuotong Nan, Sheng Yu, Qingbai Wu, Huijun Jin, Xiaobo Wu, Dongliang Luo, Guodong Cheng. A permafrost stability distribution map over the Third Pole inferred from remote sensing and borehole measurements. Submitted to Remote Sensing of Environment, 2019. (View Details )

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CASEarth:Big Earth Data for Three Poles(grant No. XDA19070000) (No:XDA19000000)

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