Dataset of Soil Properties for Land Surface Modeling over China

The dataset includes soil physical and chemical attributes: pH value, organic matter fraction, cation exchange capacity, root abundance, total nitrogen (N), total phosphorus (P), total potassium (K), alkali-hydrolysable N, available P, available K, exchangeable H+, Al3+, Ca2+, Mg2+, K+ , Na+, horizon thickness, soil profile depth, sand, silt and clay fractions, rock fragment, bulk density, porosity, structure, consistency and soil color. Quality control information (QC) was provided.

The resolution is 30 arc-seconds (about 1 km at the equator). The vertical variation of soil property was captured by eight layers to the depth of 2.3 m (i.e. 0- 0.045, 0.045- 0.091, 0.091- 0.166, 0.166- 0.289, 0.289- 0.493, 0.493- 0.829, 0.829- 1.383 and 1.383- 2.296 m) for convenience of use in the Common Land Model and the Community Land Model (CLM). Saturated water content of FCH Saturated capillary potential of FCH Pore size distribution index of FCH Saturate hydraulic conductivity of FCH Residual moisture content of FGM Saturated water content of FGM The inverse of the air-entry value of FGM The shape parameter of FGM The pore-connectivity parameter of FGM Saturated hydraulic conductivity of FGM Water content at -33 kPa of suction pressure, or field capacity Water content at -1500 kPa of suction pressure, or permanent wilting point

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1. Shangguan, W., Dai, Y.J., Liu, B.Y., Zhu, A.X., Duan, Q.Y., Wu, L.Z., Ji, D.Y., Ye, A.Z, Yuan, H., Zhang, Q., Chen, D.D., Chen, M., Chu, J.T., Dou, Y.J., Guo, J.X., Li, H.Q., Li, J.J., Lu, L., Xiao, L., Liu, H.P., Liu, S.Y., Miao, C.Y., Zhang, Y.Z. (2013). A China Dataset of Soil Properties for Land Surface Modeling. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. doi:10.1002/jame.20026.( View Details | Download )

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DAI Yongjiu, SHANGGUAN Wei. Dataset of Soil Properties for Land Surface Modeling over China. Big Data System for Pan-Third Pole, 2019. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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