Geochemical data set of Paleozoic-Early Mesozoic sedimentary rocks in Yunnan Ailaoshan and Baoshan area (202-543 Ma)

Geochemical data set of Paleozoic-Early Mesozoic sedimentary rocks in Yunnan Ailaoshan and Baoshan area (202-543 Ma)

The data set includes: longitude and latitude, lithological information, chronological data, O isotope composition and major and trace element composition of sedimentary rock samples from Permian Triassic and Cambrian Silurian clastic strata in Ailaoshan structural belt and Baoshan area, Yunnan Province. The chronological data of rock samples are determined by laser ablation plasma mass spectrometry (la-mc-icpms) of detrital zircon, and the error of Single Zircon 91500 is less than 5%; The main elements were determined by X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) by melting the rock powder into a glass sheet which can be tested on the computer. The analytical accuracy of the standard materials gbw-07111, gbw-123, gsr-1, gsr-2 and gsr-3 was better than 2%; Trace elements were analyzed by Perkin Elmer Elan 6000 inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). In the process of analysis and test, USGS reference materials (bhvo-2, avg-2, gsr-1, gsr-2, gsr-3, gsd-9 and sarm-4) were determined. As the external test standard, the element content of the test sample was more accurate than 3%. The oxygen isotope data are obtained by SIMS of detrital zircon. The external accuracy of the multiple determination results of Penglai standard sample is better than 0.30 ‰ (2 σ, n = 24)。 The obtained detrital zircon age spectrum of Permian Triassic clastic sedimentary rocks in Ailaoshan, as well as major and trace element compositions, can be used to effectively limit the evolution process of ancient Tethys Ailaoshan Ocean from subduction to closure, which has been published in international well-known journals such as tectonics, GSA bulletin and Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, And the famous domestic journal geotectonics and mineralization. The data can be widely used in the future to limit the study of the evolution history of the paleo ocean basin. The obtained detrital zircon age spectrum and Hf isotope data of Cambrian Devonian clastic rocks in Baoshan area can be used to effectively limit the tectonic position of Baoshan block in the early Paleozoic. The relevant data have been published in the well-known domestic journal Acta petrologica, and the data can be widely used in the reconstruction of Gondwana continent in the future.

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File name: rock longitude and latitude, major and trace element content, zircon age data and zircon oxygen isotope data are stored in Excel format, and the file name is "Paleozoic early Mesozoic stratigraphic geochemical data set (2016-2019) in Ailaoshan Baoshan area, Yunnan Province"
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Xu, J. (2021). Geochemical data set of Paleozoic-Early Mesozoic sedimentary rocks in Yunnan Ailaoshan and Baoshan area (202-543 Ma). National Tibetan Plateau Data Center, DOI: doi: 10. 18654 /1000-0569 /2020. 02. 09; doi: 10.16539/j.ddgzyckx.2019.02.012;;; (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

Related Literatures:

1. Xia, X.-P., Xu, J., Huang, C., Long, X., & Zhou, M. (2020). Subduction polarity of the Ailaoshan Ocean (eastern Paleotethys): Constraints from detrital zircon U-Pb and Hf-O isotopes for the Longtan Formation. GSA Bulletin, 132(5-6), 987-996.( View Details | Bibtex)

2. Xu, J., Xia, X.-P., Lai, C., Long, X., & Huang, C. (2019). When did the Paleotethys Ailaoshan ocean close: New insights from detrital zircon U-Pb age and Hf isotopes. Tectonics, 38(5), 1798-1823.( View Details | Bibtex)

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The deep process and resource effect of major geological events in Yanshan period (No:2016YFC0600400)

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