Vegetation survey data in Ali-Nagqu area, Tibet (2019-2020)

Vegetation survey data in Ali-Nagqu area, Tibet (2019-2020)

The data includes the basic survey data of the sampling points, the community species coverage, height and density of the sample square, as well as the aboveground biomass of the species, the temperature, moisture, pH, available nitrogen, available phosphorus, total carbon of the 0-10cm surface soil , Total nitrogen content (the basic information of the sample site includes the collection site, date, and soil condition of the collection site. The CK in the process is sampled without species (5), and D is the sample sample for degraded grassland (5). A), litter, dead, sand-covered...information of saline-alkali spots are respectively 0 for no, 1 for less, 2 for more, bare land area as a percentage; species height, coverage, density, and above-ground biomass collection The survey sample area is 50cm*50cm, each site has 10 samples, the coverage is expressed as a percentage, the height is cmcm, the density is expressed by the number of species, 0-10cm surface soil information for each The site has 3 repetitions. The degree of degradation is divided into high degradation (HG), moderate degradation (MG), and light degradation (LG). The utilization rate is heavy and light. Units are marked in the title). The data are all collected and measured on the spot. The total carbon is the elemental analysis method, the total nitrogen is the Kjeldahl method, the effective nitrogen is the alkaline solution diffusion method, the effective phosphorus is the extraction-molybdenum antimony colorimetric method, and the PH is the electric potential method. , Temperature and moisture are measured by soil thermometer and soil moisture meter. The data is of good quality and can be used to calculate biodiversity and analysis of driving factors for species existence.

File naming and required software

The data file is named area + subject + collection time. Some indicator information in the file is represented in English, and the species name is Chinese. The corresponding Latin name must be inquired by yourself. The basic information of the sample plot is one sample point per line, species coverage, height, Each row of the density table is a sample, 10 samples are a site, and each column is the information of a species, (Litter represents withered litter, not a specific species), blank cell The grid means that this species does not exist in this same square.

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Tian, D. (2021). Vegetation survey data in Ali-Nagqu area, Tibet (2019-2020). National Tibetan Plateau Data Center, DOI: 10.11888/Ecolo.tpdc.271392. CSTR: 18406.11.Ecolo.tpdc.271392. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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Second Tibetan Plateau Scientific Expedition Program

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Geographic coverage
East: 92.13 West: 89.68
South: 30.23 North: 31.94
  • Temporal resolution: Yearly
  • Spatial resolution: 1km - 10km
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  • Temporal coverage: 2019-01-01 To 2020-12-31
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